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    Care labels are vital!


    The complexity of many of today’s most fashionable garments and household textiles can make the proper care of these items challenging. According to a University of Missouri Extension report:

    "Some consumers choose to remove the manufactures care labels that are attached to clothes and household textiles. These care labels are required by law to be attached to these textiles, with the intent of giving the consumer and the dry cleaner guidance in proper care for the item."



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    Don't remove stains yourself, let the Pros handle it!

    Let the professionals at ValYou Cleaners work on your stained items, FIRST. Don’t ruin perfectly good clothing by improper treatment.

    • Fabric types are constantly evolving, and new fabric mixes often have special needs.
    • Fiber content behaves differently when stained and treated with removal agents.
    • The chemical composition of the stain and fabric both impact which cleaning fluid is best to remove the stain without damaging the garment.
    • Garment design, such as dark fabrics with white trim, must be properly treated to avoid colors “running”.
    • Improper use of water or chemicals in removing spots at home can set the stains or damage the color.
    • State of the art dry cleaning equipment and highly trained staff who choose the right cleaning agent can make all the difference in how your clothes look and how long they last.